GDS International Event for shoes and accessories @ Dusseldorf

So i went to the shoe event with my dad because he also was standing there with his own 2 brands.
GDS is one of the biggest events in the shoe and accessories businnes
All the big brands were there like Bjorn Borg,Converse,Adidas,Reebok but also brands like Minnetonka
So here are some snap shots 

So when I was at GDS I did found my new favorite brand
Im so in love with that brand

I'm soo in love with this brand
Here the website
Please check it out!

and here are also some streetstyle pics made by me at GDS

I love her shoes,she's the owner of the online shoe museum
check it out
So here are some pics of what I was wearing but the pics are not really good and I'm pulling weired faces but is about the outfit


  1. wauw that looks awesome..! <3

  2. It looks great. Love your outfit.

  3. hi! i've nominated you for a sunshine award! so check it out here!


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