BastiansBazar Report

So honeys today I went to Bastians Bazar in Amsterdam..
It was a concept from Bastian van Schaik
(he's stylist/member of the jury of 'Benlux Next TopModel'/jury for 'Stylist of the Stars'/fashion director whisperer and DJ)
And it was a succes!
The Bazar was located at the that location I also did went to the fashion show of Darryl van Wouw

The Suzuki girls at the bazar
Those girls were very friendly
I love the dresses with those tights very cute

So at the Bazar I did bought a ring and a necklace from Club Manhattan

The Proud owners

Club Manhattan is an accessory label
that is inspired by the fashionable streets of New York.
The collection is constantly updated with new items
all of which are real eye catchers.
And it is very affordable

This is there website
check it out!

So I also spotted a new brand Doubler Le Sol
I didn't knew the brand and it did look so cute!

                                                                 The proud owners

Soon there will be a special about this brand on itsmeroxy
but for now...check out there website and the blog

This bag was in the goodybag from Bastians Bazar..its so cute

Me and Bastian
(bad pic :( )

And this is what I was wearing

For so far that was the bazar..but tomorrow I will post my A-dam report


  1. Zo leuk!! Ik was er ook graag heen geweest. Jammer genoeg ben ik dit hele weekend al weg.


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