Italy Report:Part 1: KIKO MILANO

So when I was in Italy,I saw this shop called KIKO make-up milano.           
I was like MAKE-UP WOEHOE ^^
So I went in the shop and I did saw all kinds of make-up in like every color,but I didn't knew the concept so I was like I'm going to try it first..
So I did bought 2 eyeshadows and 2 nailpolishes..but first here's some info about KIKO milano

KIKO MAKE UP MILANO is a brand that offers a professional make-up line and groundbreaking skin care treatments. Effective formulas, safe and easy to use, suited for a woman who loves playing around with colors and with her own personality, a woman who is fashion-conscious but also cares about the health of her skin.

Founded in 1997, KIKO MAKE UP MILANO’s creative spirit is deeply rooted in the "Made in Italy", the world capital of fashion, art, and design. Creativity that goes hand in hand with technological innovation and the quality of cosmetic formulas, made with carefully selected raw materials and subjected to stringent safety tests.

KIKO appeals to women of all ages: trendy seasonal collections and “urban chic” treatment lines for younger customers, ad hoc treatments and a wide range of make-up products for the more mature ones.

You can compare Kiko with Sephora ,
only cheaper !                                                          
The have stores in Italy,Spain and also in Germany but the also are working on a webshop
So here are the products I bought

First up the Pink and Silver eyeshadow

And now the Brown eyeshadow

And now the nailpolish

Well the nailpolish is cheap but I do prefer catrice nailpolish
But I do love the eyeshadow..such a great colors and the eyeshadow last long so thats great..
What do you think abour Kiko?


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