Amsterdam Report

So after Bastians Bazaar I also did went to Amsterdam for like 2 ours because I did have to go back home early
So when I was in A-dam i did found a shop called OPEN shop

Open Shop is a shop in the heart of Amsterdam, which is run by a number of young fashion designers. These designers have their own collection hung at Open Shop. There is also every day of the week in the shop one of them to help you.

At Open Shop you will find unique clothing at affordable prices. There is also a large collection of accessories. There always open to looking for new and unusual clothing and accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry and belts to complement there collection

The Proud Owner

The earrings im wearing i did bought at open shop

Nieuwezijds voorburgwal 291 Amsterdam
open daily: 12:00-19:00
thursdays until 21:00

So when i was in Amsterdam i also did bought some new sneakers at sneakerz
I think the are very cute haha

My New Sneakers

I did bought this necklace at River Island

I also spotted this english girl on the streets of Amsterdam and i did like here look


  1. wauw, gaaf dat je ook andere mensen op de foto zet! Jouw blog is goed (en ondergewaardeerd waarom heb je zo weinig reacties?
    echt superleuke oorbellen heb je gekocht btw!


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