So last friday I didn't went to school because I went to this hudge protest in The Hague.
It was the biggest protest since 1988
And it was the first time that there are professors and teachers of Dutch schools among with us.

The relatively peaceful student demonstration on the Malieveld ends in an uneasy end when a group of three to four hundred students marched to the Parliament. The riot police swept the Square to the House clean. There were punches. 22 Rioters were arrested. According to Van Aartsen, Mayor of The Hague was among those arrested members of the leftist group Anti-Fascist Action.

At the actual event came about 20,000 students. They argued against the cuts in education. The demonstrators are particularly angry about the plan to students who study more than one year delay from the coming academic year 3000 euros to pay tuition. A number of prominent figures from politics and education spoke. Among them: PvdA leader Cohen, D66 leader Pechtold and SP leader Roemer.

The last speaker was Secretary of education Zijlstra, who was booed by the students. There were a few tomatoes thrown at him. He said the protest is understandable, but stressed the cuts are necessary.

Prime Minister Rutte also dropped - at his weekly press conference - namely that the cuts continue. He pointed out that the quality must rise, but that now that students need something first hand.

Rutte said that in recent years billions have gone into education and it was not clear what that was spent on. "I fear that bureaucracy has gone too far."

Protest song ( wow jamie i love your voice here haha)Here is also a video from NOS ( a ducht news channel)


  1. ow ja hier heb ik een stuke over gezien op tv xD geheh

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲

  2. it's great that you're so politically active - it's always important to show your opinion and stand up to a cause. hopefully the education cuts are reduced somehow, with the pressure from the public

  3. I really understand where you're coming from. We're going through the same here in the UK - so frustrating! I want to continue on in my studies and do teacher training next year, however if for some reason I can't do it next year I'll have to pay over £9000 in order to become a teacher! It's disgraceful! It's not student's faults that our countrie's economies are in a mess!

    Much love, Bex


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