Lets draw a tree

a tree that once stood alone
a tree that was unstable
and not very strong
a tree that didnt have much of a chance
for a tree for no one did understand
a tree that was so affraid to let go
for that reason
that tree never learned to grow
a tree that never felt the warmth of the sun
or made shadows in the moon
for a tree who could seem to never
blossom into something new
a tree with branches that snaped
with thunderstorms and hurricanes
beating on its back
a tree that never growed up to be all it could be
i wonder what was holding this tree back from
its dreams 


  1. I like the dark spots, it really adds to the picture.
    I love how trees can be so versatile in art and literature - they represent life, and so much for us. It's really fascinating!


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