Starbucks,I really love Starbucks
My dad thinks its a bit overrated..and sometimes I think he's right
Everbody wants to try Starbucks
But why?
Because celebs always drink Starbucks?
Because they really like coffee?
Because you always hear about Starbucks?
I dont know what it is
Maybe Starbucks is pretty much overrated
You pay 2 euros for a simple coffee
(the americano)
but is it word it?
There are a lot other coffee places all around the world
But is Starbucks so much better?
Ok I admid I just totally love the Caramel Frappuchino
And dont we all like to walk with a Starbucks cup
(I guess you know what I mean haha sunglasses and Starbucks are perfect accessoires)
But even when Starbucks is overrated we still keep drinking


  1. I fell in love with starbucks after trying the vanilla bean frapp. DELICIOUS. I always go to starbucks when I'm craving the sweetened drinks - frapps, chocolate flavors. But for normal coffee or hot chocolate? It's kind of a waste of money, but still good anyway. I haven't gone in a week (haha), but I heard somewhere they were changing the label? I'd be sad if they do.

  2. I love Starbucks:) Maybe it's overrates but I still like it.



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