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Every fashionista spends a lot of time and effort to pick out the perfect outfit and consciously choose her accessories.
 Your iPhone is probably somewhere in the bottom of the bag between your calendar, lip gloss and bubble gum. But from today also matches your iPhone effortlessly with your outfit, because with the carrying cases of ByBi your phone is a favorite fashion accessory and is also protected immediately.

The ByBi collection, designed by Bianca Tube is available in various models, from colorful to classy, for both the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 as soon the Samsung S4. There are also stylish iPad covers available!

  At http://www.bybi.nl you can quickly order these smart accessories for yourself or your girlfriend/bestfriend/daugther.
ByBi costs € 29.95 for iPhone cases and the iPad covers are € 79.95 and are available at http://www.bybi.nl

Source: MaisonPR


  1. Those iPhone cases are so unique and cute


  2. Lovely iPhone cases!

  3. Beautiful cases for iPhone ever. I love that pink case. Where i can find this for my iPhone? iphone 4 ucuz


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