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I was looking on Facebook when I saw an ad from In My Dresser and I remembered that I wrote an article about that shop when I was younger,3 years ago!(2010) And I can truly say that we both upgraded! Especially I did in the way that I made my articles,my god.(If you want to laugh Click!)But to bring some 'childhood' into 2013 here are my favorite items from In My Dresser at this moment!

(1) Above Knuckle Ring Silver Claws (IMD Budget) // € 2,90

(2)Linked Aztec Triangle Collar Tips (IMD Budget) // € 6,90

(3) 3D Skull Collar Tips // € 8,50

(4)Side Cross Bracelet Silver (IMD Budget) // € 3,90

(5)Double Pierced Spikes Ring (IMD Budget) // € 4,90

(6)Skull Heads Bracelet // € 8,90

(7)Silver Cross Ear Tunnels // € 8,90

They have soo much that I love! Like amazing necklaces but when I tried
to take the picture of the website it looks way too small and blurry so 
here links to 2 amazing necklaces!(click! and click!)
It looks a bit like they only have silver jewelry but as I told you
before these are my favorites and I'm not the type of girl for
gold jewelry. I don't know why but maybe its because I'm blonde and
really pale. I like gold but only when I'm tanned. All I can say is
you guys must check out In My Dresser. By the way this isn't a sponsored 
post,I don't get anything to promote In My Dresser!(I wish it was like that lol)
But I'm just a simple fashion student that wanted to share this webshop with you
because the prices are! In this way you still can get
the latest jewelry must-haves without spending too much money. 


  1. Such a great items dear! Really like that batman ring,my daughter would love that!

  2. Wauw wat een aparte sieraden!

  3. Omg number 8 is amazing! I need that batman ring in my life ;)

    Great post!

    Fashionpandaa xox

  4. They all cute jewelries

  5. Wow, I love that feeling, when you discover a brand's evolution after you wrote about them, I happened to me several times and it feels so great to see how both parties evolved! Great post!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  6. I have the 2 :)
    I won this tips on a giveaway, and I love them! ;)


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