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As you may have noticed,I've become an approved EtailPR blogger! How great is that? Thanks to EtailPR I discoverd this new platform called Shopcade! Shopcade is ‘your personal shopping app’ (Click!)
You'll know that I love love love websites like pinterest and Shopcade gives me the same boost like pinterest. I just need to collect everything that I love,it makes me go on and on and on..

Launched in November 2011, Shopcade features more than 100 million products from over 100,000 brands covering fashion to tech, and books to toys. 100,000 brands means soo many choices! And Always something that you'll love!

Discover new products Never miss out on fab new things to wear, read, sit on, watch or enjoy! Everyday, Shopcade picks out new and notable products just for you.

4 reasons to join Shopcade:
1. Surf the Trends
At Shopcade they always are keeping an eye out for the latest trends and must-haves on Shopcade and make it their mission to ensure you know all about where to find them.
2. Find The Best Deals
Three words: bag a bargain. Shopcade has a huge range of deals from exclusive ones to discount codes and sale items.
3. Discover New Brands
The best thing about Shopcade is that at Shopcade they not only have the bigger brands like ASOS, Dorothy Perkins and The Body Shop, they also have smaller, less-known retailers who have quirky products and a range of different items you might like.
4. Be Part Of A Community
 At Shopcade they're all about the community and would love you to get involved, give your feedback and have the best user experience possible

If you want to follow Shopcade on twitter ---> (@Shopcade)
By the way, I also wanted to let you sweethearts know that etailPR is currently running a competition with ASOS and Shopcade that you shouldn’t miss. Click here to know more!


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