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Wait whut? Yes its sounds weird but I do get judged for my taste of music. I love rock,grunge and dubstep/DnB and if I tell people that they are like; Ooh you like dubstep? Soo your on drugs? Do you use XTC? No I dont! And same story with rock and grunge; Soo you smoke weed then? And you are despressed right? Do you want to cut yourself? No I don't! Ofcourse there are people who listen to this music who do have those 'problems' but those people can also listen to Justin Bieberish music.
Don't Judge people when you don't know them
Almost every Friday and Saterday is party time for me. I'm working the whole week hard at the office for my intership or I'm at school so when its Friday and I'm done with everything I just need to go out and have fun with friends! Great way to relax! But maybe I do party way too much but than again,I'm still young and I want to enjoy life.
Live every day as if it were going to be your last; for one day you're sure to be right.
There are things that happend in my life that made me realized that life can be ended any minute,any time. When I was younger I was scared to do things but nowadays I just do everything I want,I dare everything! Why should I not try whatever I want to try. Otherwise I'll be Always wondering what if..? Every day can be your last day!
Live like there is no tomorrow 
My room is a mess,my bag is a mess. I'm way to disorganized but still in some weird kinda way I can almost find everything I need. I don't know why but organizing my room isn't my first priority. But when it comes to planning stuff for school and parties I'm always the person who organizes everything.
Don't agonize. Organize
At least I always try to be there for people,even for strangers. But my friends mean the world to me and they can call me 24/7.
People may turn their backs on you and completely shut you out of their live but just remember there Always will be that someone who believes you are worth every moment of their time
Hellyeah! I love going to concerts! The main reasons I go see a band in concert is because I love the band's music and I want to see them perform it live. Listening to a band's music with other fans give you a feeling like no other. You're all there for the same reason. It's like one big family. Going to concerts, for me, are like taking drugs. I'm going to these concerts in a few days/weeks:
10 June 2013 // Limp Bizkit
12 June 2013 // KoRn
26 June 2013 // Papa Roach and Escape the Fate
21 August 2013 // System of a Down
My god I just cant wait! It so weird but I can be soo siked for these concerts you cant believe!
Music doesn't lie. If there is somthing to be changed in this world it can only happen trough music.
My oh my! When I see people with tattoos over there whole body I get sooooo jealous. I love guys with tattoos! The perfect guy for me has tattoos and then I mean many many maaaaany tattoos. I don't know why but I just have an obssesion for tattoos. At this moment I only have one tattoo but I can't wait to get more! I have a huge wishlist but my dad doesn't want me to get tattoos. He doesn't get the meaning of tattoos but yeah I dont get the meaning of soccer. But I'm almost turning 18 and then I don't need my dads premission anymore.
tattoos are a way of living
When I was 7 years old my parents discovered that I needed glassses but I refused to wear glasses because I already was a bit chubby and had braces. I tought it would make me the perfect person for bullies. Now I'm 17 and still wear contacts but sometimes I choose for my glasses because now I think it looks good. Sometimes my glasses give that final touch to an outfit.
Be proud of who you are!


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