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I'm addicted. I’m addicted to blazers. In my opinion a blazer can be the finishing touch to an outfit. I wear blazers over everything, a rock band shirt..with a blazer...a cute dress..with a blazer. A blazer can give that extra touch to an outfit I love them. Now that the colourblocking trend has also reached the H&M we can buy blazers in lots of bright colors but I've discovered a brand where they have statement blazers: Objection

I'm so in love with the prints on these blazers!
love love love the Flashing 90's and beautifuel green one

The blazers from Objection are reversible, so you have like 2 fashionable blazers for one price.At the moment Objection has got 8 different one-of-a-kind blazers and I almost love every print.

Unfortunately I don't own a Objection blazer yet but it's on top of my wishlist!

Here you can see the reversible effect of the blazers

What's your opinion on these blazers?


Feel free to comment!


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