Happy bday to me!

It's so surreal! All my life I've waited to be eighteen years old and now that I am, I don't even know what to say! This is the year that I become an adult. Part of it's scary as hell, but at the same time I feel... free, almost? I don't know. 

All I've been able to think about when it comes to today is, "I can finally get a tattoo without permission!" and, "I can get piercings without my parents' permission!"  I can also drink alcohol over the 14,9% (cocktails!) and drive a car!

Now the two birthdays I've got to look forward to are twenty and twenty-one. Twenty-one because then I can party in clubs in the USA (but I live in the Netherlands), but twenty because I won't be a teenager anymore. I think that will be a pretty exciting experience.

Tonight we're bbq-ing with the whole family,overall its also 4th of July and isn't that the unoffical national bqq day in America? So we're keeping honor to that and after the bqq I'm going out with some friends,cocktails and party hard!

Are you excited for your 18th birthday? What do you plan on doing?
If you've already turned 18, how was it?


  1. Gefeliciteerd! Mijn 18e verjaardag betekende AUTORIJDEN!, haha ;) Maar jij mocht al op je 17e toch?

    Xx Alex

  2. ohmygosh, you were born on the 4th of july? so was i! happy birthday, birthday twin! :D

    p.s. enjoy your last two teen years! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. congratulations!!!
    I follow you on GFC and like on Facebook



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