Doubler le Sol

I did wrote a post about Doubler le Sol before
So I recived this dress from Doubler le Sol
And I totally love it!
The material is so fine
I dont have a on-photo yet because I want to wait till it is summer haha because its the perfect summer dress

How would I combine it?
Oversized sunglasses
Big oversized bag
Massive wood jewerly
and some brown high heels

When the weather is good enough for this dress I will update this post with an on-picture


  1. dankjewel voor je reactie <3
    zou het leuk vinden als je die laat zien inderdaad :) let me know!
    maak een foto als je deze jurk aan hebt, its pretty <3


  2. I love the pattern! Ah, makes me wish for the summer!


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