Doubler Le Soul Special

So when I was at Bastians Bazaar I did find a new brand called Doubler Le Sol,I did wrote before about them but now here's the Doubler Le Sol Special

Doubler le Sol is about one year old and finally begins to get popular, they spend  a lot of time in their collection to make another fun and creative collection
that they sell in their webshop

They have in their webshop DLS items but also one of a kind vintage
I think Doubler le Sol's will become famous in the fashion world

This is what the say about there collection:
We love art, Hollywood icons and old movies.
We travel all over the world to find the best shapes, fabrics and inspirations from vintage markets and little boutiques. We believe that you have to dress yourself according to your mood, not caring what the ‘fashion-world’ thinks of your style. Be creative, classy, edgy and fun!

I think thats the best way to get inspiration
So i love that

Here are some pictures of there collection

and great news everything is under the €100!!

Also check out there blog!

So what do you think of this brand? 


  1. Cool
    I'm gonna take a look at there website

  2. Ze hebben echt een leuke website en leuke dingen.


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