A New Parfum from DKNY

DKNY Love from New York for Women by Donna Karan
DKNY Love from New York for Women is a fragrance presented in a pair with an edition for men in May 2009. The perfume incorporates water lily, freesia, mandarin, black currant, magnolia, white lily, violet leaf, wood and apricot. It is available as 48ml edp.

Here are some reviews that I found on the web:

I do get some fruits but overall there is a sharpness in the scent that keeps me from enjoying it..it is almost giving me a headache ...the white flowers are dominant,and it doesnt go for me, but I can see it is a nice, sophisticated scent..

Very fresh and fruity, first spray is pure mandarine-orange. Then flowers with soft apricot and some woods. Sweet and light, just the way I like it.

Nothing impressive but nice,very classic,lady like,the first spray is really citrus(i love it)then it become really classic nothing original (i hate it),last quite long like 2-5 hours,the bottle is very usual,wouldn´t buy it again! :)

I love this perfume!

It's not too pushy, but you can smell it and it really smells sweet.
The fragrance is really pretty, enjoyable and pleasant.

Not only for young women.
Perfect for summer!
For apricot fans :)


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