SATC:The Nailpolish

On 27 May 2010 is Sex and the City II in German cinemas. And now, the merchandising is in full swing. Since there is SATC-After-Party Shoes and Abso **** inglutely-shirts in the HBO Shop (, or SATC Cosabella Lingerie at ( But nothing makes the heart beat of beauty editors are currently higher than the SATC-nail polish collection of julep. First, because the nuances of 'Carrie' (iced pink), 'Samantha' (shimmering, hot pink), 'Miranda' (retro turquoise) and 'Charlotte' (lavender frosting) sprayed clearly SATC flair. Second, because the colors can also burn the movie without reference pure desire among (and on) our nails. And even without the annoying second paint layer.
The set will be available for €14,29, or if you're more of a single color type of gal you can buy them individually for just under €4,51.


  1. I like the 'Miranda' and 'Charlotte'!

  2. Ik vind Samantha en Miranda erg mooi!!


  3. =D I can see the 4 of them wearing the colors... but I want Samantha's color :D


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