Trend Report: Lingerie Display

And that doesn't mean like trow your sports bra over your T-shirt .
This is how you rock the trend in lingerie including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Irish coach, Kors caps, bras and even hot pants: the lingerie is what the clock strikes this summer. Famous fans include Lily Allen and Rihanna, but if you're not a stage animal you something exciting in the daily wardrobe throw this season.
Start gradually and do not give everything away at once: one piece (satin) bra to squeak out a jacket, a lace edge here and there or visual clips in a dress (think Christopher Kane).
Wear something over your lingerie, a nice knitted cardigan or an oversized jacket. Chic and sexy!
Leave the red & black for what they are, but go for pretty pastels and nudes like Stella McCartney and Fendi. Romantic pieces and not as Hoochie, if you know what we mean ...
Only one out of your blouse bra can make a squeaking little nudity. Work with layers of chiffon and tulle, so as to let the imagination.
PS - No a la Kylie buttocks? Leave the 'side pants "for what it is please!


  1. I like this kind of style :D only I'm too shy to pull it off hahahaha

  2. I love sheer fabrics.

  3. Love it, i brought a crop top from Topshop and wore a white bra under so it didn't stand out too much when i was in London. I was cold but i looked good!


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