Fashion Icons (Part 1)

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin is an ultra-cool hippie feminist, she has pipes that would put Christina Aguilera to shame. (Listen to her song “Try Just A Little Bit Harder“- you’ll get it.) But her pipes weren’t the only thing she had going on in her heyday – her style was amazing! With piled-on jewelry, feathers, and loose garments in bright colors, this little lady was, and still is, the Belle of the Woodstock Ball.

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If there is one defining thing that separates Janis’s style from the rest, it would be her accessories. Janis was fearless when it came to jewelry, often piling on mountains of bracelets, necklaces, and rings in just one outfit. And while on some, that would look gaudy and dirty, somehow for her it just worked.
In the set above, I’ve included some choice jewelry that can be bought online, but I also wanted to mention that much of this type of jewelry can be found easily if you visit your local thrift store or flea market. There, you can often find cheaper, more interesting, cooler, and better-made jewelry than you ever could at a regular store!
Above, I also included a super cute tie-dye dress. While oftentimes tie-dye is a fashion-don’t, it is definitely re-emerging among the fashion elite. (Remember the Proenza Schouler tie-dye tees? Genius!) Depending on the design and wash of a garment, tie-dye can be really beautiful and cool looking. Just don’t go too crazy with the colors or else you’ll look like your Uncle Bobby- you know, the one who always wears the same beer stained tie-dye shirt to every family barbecue. (Ewh.)


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