April Fools! Fashionable Jokes from Around the Web

It's April Fools Day, and if you've yet to be tricked, surprised, or just plain confused (really, that's funny?) by the merry pranksters in your life, then you've come to the right place. A few of our stylish friends partook in the fun. Below, the day's most fashionable foolery:

Refinery29 Is Right on Target
Our joshy friends at Refinery29 tweeted today that Chanel was the next Go International collaborator for Target, but alas...when you clicked on the story, it went to a photoshopped image of Karl Lagerfeld with a banner that read "April Fools!" The link got re-tweeted by The Cut, but we're pretty sure they found it more amusing than accurate.
Glamour's Animal Instincts
Readers who logged onto Glamour.com on April 1st were greeted with some not-so-average headlines. "Accessories That Bark for Themselves" and "Get Your Human to Stop Dressing You Up" flashed across the site, along with photos of pooches, kitties, and even rabbits. Looks like Glamour's trying to cater to a new set of furry readers: "We take reader feedback very seriously, even if that feedback is delivered in a series of super-high-frequency yelps," says Anne Sachs, Glamour's Online Editorial Director. "All sorts of visitors come to the site -- and it is our mission to cater to all of them."
Don't Hate Brett Michaels Because He's Beautiful
Could you imagine Bret Michaels flipping his hair around in Pantene commercials? That's what the brand had us believing. The buzz began a few days ago, when Pantene spokesperson Stacy London tweeted "Have you guys heard? @bretmichaels and @Pantene.....CRAZY! The tweet was promptly deleted, prompting speculation that hit a fever pitch yesterday when Pantene posted clues on their Facebook page that their new spokesperson is "known for rockstar locks." Well, it turns out that the former Poison frontman and current Rock of Love reality star will not be the new face of Pantene (collective sighs of relief!) but he was on hand to announce the company's new initiative to find the world's first reality TV hair star.


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