A Cool Haircut
I really want a cool fashionable haircut,but i've got curly hair so allot hairstyles don't look like they have to.
I have painted my hair brown (I'm a naturally blonde) but that wasn't a great succes so I went back to blonde
Well I really like those haircuts with one side shaved a bit but what if it doesn't looks good on me?! Than it will take a long time before its grown back

I think these are so cute,if you dont know what earcuffs exactly are,you can read below.

Ear cuffs are pieces of jewelry that are designed to hug the upper portion of the ear. An individual wearing an ear cuff does not need to have pierced ears, because the earring is designed in a curved shape which fits snugly around the folds of the outer ear. They are widely used in many cultures as decorative jewelry, and come in a variety of metals and designs to serve as accessories for a wide range of personal styles.

A tongue piercing
What can I say about it,I want a tongue piercing since 3 years and now still..A tongue piercing is a body piercing usually done directly through the center of the tongue, and is one of most popular piercing sites in the western world after the ear.

Starbucks in Tilburg
We dont have a starbucks in my city and the closest Starbucks is at Amsterdam Central Station and thats an hour with the train
We do have a cute coffeeplace but they don't have an iced caramel machiatto..

A striking blazer
I'm really addicted to blazers,but I would like to have one that says BAM here I am
I want something diffrent than a black,brown,old pink,grey or white blazer
maybe something with a print (like a leopard print)
or a bright red one

So honeys, you have seen my whislist at this moment
So tell me whats on you wishlist?


  1. starbicks in tilburg mag inderdaad wel! en earcuffs zijn altijd welkom!!

    friday night

  2. hey!!! hehe thats my hairstyle!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!! ^0^

  3. I have this hairstyle to and I love it when I dont want to show it I just split my hair in the middle and cover it I started with a quarter shave before I went full side so I would do that to get used to it.....en starbucks in tilburg mag inderdaad altijd :) xoxo from miami


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