I'm celabrating Carnaval again this year,yesterday we went to the city but I had forgotten my camera,but I'm going on for 4 more days so there will be pictures!

Carnaval is a festival celebrated by Catholic origin in the three days preceding Ash Wednesday. According to tradition the festival lasts from Sunday to Tuesday - Shrove Tuesday. Lent begins at midnight on 40 days of up to Easter.

In the Netherlands two types of Carnival celebrated: The Rhenish carnival and the carnival Burgundy. The Rhineland variant is mostly in the south of Limburg and Noord-Brabant celebrated, the Burgundian version in the north and west of North Brabant [edit]. The misconception that all city names change with carnival is widespread, this is the case with the exuberant carnival. The Rhenish Carnival in the Netherlands is a derivative of the Cologne carnival. The carnival has its origins in Burgundy eetfeesten during the traditional carnival in the Low Countries, particularly Flanders.

The Burgundian carnival is the variant in most places in North Brabant and Zeeland Flanders traditionally Catholic presence. It has its origins in the prosperous cities of the Duchy of Brabant and Flanders County at the time of the Burgundian Netherlands. The thrust of the Burgundian carnival was originally that of a fancy dinner party where we made another ridiculous. The great poverty that prevailed in Brabant from the heyday of the Golden Age to the Second World War is characterized by the traditional feast (apparent) simplicity in terms of costumes, whose famous blue peasant shirt with handkerchief perhaps his most iconic. the change the name of the city: It is customary for cities with an exuberant carnival tradition (although in some places in eastern Netherlands and the Rhineland carnival this basis do) to change the name during carnival. Some examples are: Kielegat: Breda, Strien City: Steenbergen, jug City: Tilburg(my city), Krabbegat: Bergen op Zoom, Lampegat: Eindhoven, Oeteldonk: 's-Hertogenbosch, Krabberdonk: Den Dungen and Sand Hare DURP: Rosmalen.

Carnival Foundation. The main features of the carnival (hoofdbal, key transfer, parades) are owned by a foundation. The foundation chooses a prince (and effect) from. There is only one prince for each city.

Motto. Many, but not all, have an official motto exuberant carnivals. This is often a lofty phrase in local dialect. In the parade, people may go to the motto rigging and possibly win a prize.

Clothing. Traditional clothing consists of old clothing, curtains, handkerchiefs and blue blouses with various accessories. Especially in the West of Ontario it is seen in large numbers back. Burgundian Carnival is mostly inside cafes and halls. There it is warmer, so the clothing is less thick and consists of fewer layers. To and from the various party locations to go, many old coats to the outside not to get cold.

But the younger generation dresses up like devils,angels,geeks,snowwhite,pirates ect.
So you can compare carnaval with halloween


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