A life without love is like a year without summer

Summer is my favorite season. In fact, for me, summer needs more of a public relations campaign than winter. I wilt in the heat and have been known to get a bit grumpy when I’m hot. But I do love to cool down with a cold glass of ice tea in the shade and keep things airy in a cute summerdress. So, in order to celebrate what the season does have to offer, here’s a list of many of the season’s charms:

wildflowers by the highway
easy grilled dinners
summer thunderstorms
the long, lingering daylight hours
cold watermelon

napping in a hammock
sunglasses as headbands
the smell of sunscreen
BIG oversized sunglasses
daytrips to the beach (and the reminder of it with sand everywhere)
iced tea in big jars
halter top strings dangling down your back
wavy, sexy beach hair
drippy ice cream cones
lying on a floating wooden platform in the middle of a lake
playing in sprinklers and open fire hydrants
street fairs
a fresh pedicure tucked into fancy sandals
so-golden-you’d-never-know fake tans
outdoor concerts
big, floppy hats
sheer, pretty make-up
vacation, staycation, or just giving yourself a quick relaxation break
iced coffee
the sounds of the ice cream truck
eating outside

sleeping in tents (in the backyard or the wilderness)

sunny days = sunnier moods

blowing bubbles

getting lost in a juicy book 

water balloons
road trips (and kitschy roadside attractions)
collecting seashells
state fairs (and food on sticks)
flea markets and antique fairs
staying inside when you’ve had too much sun and watching movies
retro bathing beauty swimsuits
pretending to be Amèlie on Bastille Day
open windows

little kids with sunglasses

sand between your toes

sitting in the shadow on a hot day
the sound of ocean waves
a cool breeze on a hot day
flip flops
the smoky smell of people barbecuing in the evenings
relaxed attitudes
spotting hot air balloons
skinny dipping
dogs with their heads out car windows, tongues wagging
the weightlessness of floating with the sun on your face

What do you love the most about the summer?


  1. bedankt voor je lieve reactie! jij hebt ook een leuke blog.

  2. ahw dankjewel! jouw blog is ook nice,
    ik krijg er meteen een zomergevoel van :).
    im going to follow you back!

  3. Thank you so much for your visit.
    I started following you, please follow me back.


  4. Oh, i LOVE Summer, cannot wait!!!! x

  5. Ik kan niet wachten tot de zomer, super leuek blog!

  6. beautiful photos! love your blog, following you now =)


  7. I want summer right now ! hhihih, xoxo


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