HOTSPOT // Markthal Rotterdam

A few days ago I visited Markthal in Rotterdam with my mother. Markthal is the first indoor food market in the Netherlands with 2.000m2 selling space on the market floor itself. More than 100 business owners can offer their daily fresh products here. 

Markthal is open 7 days a week. Monday / Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 pm and on Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00 hours. In addition to the fresh market you will find an Asian grocery store, wine shop, supermarket and drugstore. That makes it so practical, because then you can really get all your 'needs' at once. Besides a nice piece of meat, fresh vegetables and bread you can also get your toilet paper and other daily products ( at AH) 

You will also find restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Perfectly accessible by public transport or car, the gigantic parking garage under the Market Hall is really ideal and while having my drivers-license for not so long I speak from experience.

On the market floor, you'll find everything. Fish, meat, nuts, dried sausages, vegetables, fruit, chocolates, cakes, cannoli, breads, spreads, local produce, flowers, cress, syrup waffles, donuts, Asian name it.

 You can go with a shopping list to the Markthal or you can get inspired by all the (fresh) products or a catch of the day. For example, you will find the catch of fishermen Stellendam last night. Excellent fish homegrown for a reasonable price. Ask the seller what you can do if you are not sure with the fish and try something new out. 

"Good food, every day." That's what Markthal promises to all its visitors and they're going back where deal every day with a huge and diverse range.

Is it more expensive then 'normal'?
A very important question right? And the answer is yes, in some cases. If you choose a nice piece of beef wich is homegrown and has matured, it is expensive, yes. There are also special types of vegetables to be found. You pay more for it. But you will also find plenty of normal priced items and even special offers 1 euro. So there is something for every budget. Anyone can do their groceries on his or her own way. And the outdoor market has not disappeared, every Tuesday and Saturday you can find it at the doorstep. Then it is quite an experience.


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  2. Wat een toffe foto's! Ik moet er echt een keer heen gaan!


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