A New Beauty Collection Twi-Hards Can Really Sink Their Teeth Into

Whether you consider yourself “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” or just a general Twi-Hard, we found just the right tools to help you achieve that to-die-for vampire-esque look. To get you even more pumped up for the twilight movie(s), Nordstrom is exclusively launching the Luna Twilight cosmetics collection. These products are guaranteed to give you that mysterious, just-bitten look.

The Luna Twilight collection includes:

Mortal Glow Blushing Cream to perfectly emulate a vampire’s ethereal glow. 
First Light Body Glow a light-weight hydrating body illuminator that leaves skin dazzling.
DuWup Lip Venom a crimson-red lip color that with give your kissers a tingling sensation even Edward couldn’t resist.
Moonshadows Eyeshadow that will help you achieve Bella Swan’s coveted smoky-eye.


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