Moving day is coming!

Moving day is getting closer and closer! Tomorrow at first I'll go to the open day of AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion institute) and after that I'm moving to Amsterdam. Some of you already knew that I'm going to do my internship at Breaking Rocks and some of you didn't knew. So I'm doing my internship at Breaking Rocks for 3 months and while I have to work for long days in combination with the long travel from Tilburg to Amsterdam (1,5 hours) I'm going to live life in Amsterdam. I'm really siked but also a bit scared. I'm just a 18 year old girl who is moving out for the first time. I'll have to do everything on my own but it is going to be fine. I just need to keep breathing and post allot of blogposts about Amsterdam so you all get to know Amsterdam through me.
Wish me luck Sweethearts!


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