On tour with Nirvana

Around October 1989 Kurt Cobain was seen carrying a plastic container full of vomit in his hands. That vomit
came from Tad Doyle , a 130 -pound former butcher from Idaho who was at the time in Europe with the modest success grunge band Tad.Nirvana and Tad were together on tour for 37 shows in Europe and in one way or another it became a full-time job for Kurt  to help Tad with his stomach disorders ( number Imodium Tad - later Broad was on Nevermind - is the anti- diarrheal agents named Tad). The co- founders of their label Sub Pop Records , Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman , joined the tour to Rome.

They traveled eight days with the bands along the road and Bruce took hundreds of photos.The tour culminated in Lame Fest UK,at the Astoria Theatre in London ( now the Rainbow Theatre ). Steve had shot the pictures for the British music magazine Sounds.For some inexplicable reason the pictures have never been published. 

 Bruce and Steve will soon bring out the book Experiencing Nirvana : Grunge in Europe,from 1989. 

Until then : pull your smiley t- shirt , put Bleach and make some of it.


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