One step starts a journey

Hi sweethearts,everything has been soo hectic again is going on and on! Soon we will start with our internships soo we have to get an intership,I want to get a internship at a PR company but its gonna be hard to get a internship. Another problem is I live in Tilburg and the most awesome internships are in Amsterdam so I have to go by the train if I can get an internship over there and than I will be in the train for almost 2 hours! But its gonna be worth it!

Thursday is Vogues Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam soo I'm going to Amsterdam!Can't wait! I'm going to Amsterdam with a dear friend of mine,Bamba.

This weekend is gonna be really busy,but a really nice weekend and finally something to release al the stress school is giving.We're going to do some party hardy starting on friday with the party of Ruben,saturday the party of Fenne and Aysha and than the party of Luc on sunday!


  1. Good luck with the internship, it will be an incredible adventure :).


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