Jack Daniels top and Starbucks top
If anybodý knows where to get it,please tell me!
A Tattoo
Can't wait for the day that my parents finally let me get a tattoo
JC Shoes
I just love love JC shoes
A Longboard
I did get addicted to it thanks to my boyfriend,he has a longboard but now I want one for myself,thanks honey for this too expensive addiction auwch

A Starbucks in Tilburg
I love starbucks coffee,it would be better if they didn't come to Tilburg for my wallet but a Starbucks coffee once in a while cant say no to that!
Pastel Pink Docs.
When I was in London I've searcht trough every store were they sell dr Martens for these pastel pink docs,but I didn't find them! I'm still looking for them but yeaah its gonna be hard!


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