Londons Calling: Camden

Hi honeys,I've been to London and I really have fallin in love with Camden,that's a borough of London.In my opnion camden is an place were all different cultures come together,if you want to see the world,visit camden!

handmade soaps

Vintage clothes
Chinese food

Créme cupcake at Costa
The sweet stuf at costa is really good but the coffee is so bad in my opinion,so only go there for sweets haha

Cake at Costa
Carrot cake at Costa

Chinese clothing
Lovely old styled bags

Jewerly made of computer parts
Lovely red jacket


  1. oooooooo camden.
    i fell in love there.

    (het is daar zo leuk zo leuk ZO leuk! ik wil er wonen! mijn eigen winkeltje! aaah!)

  2. The Chinese pastas look amazing and yummy.


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