The New Label Project

The New label Project was launched on the 1st December in Amsterdam.

It is a concept store built around the "box” idea: white glossy boxes of different sizes where every designers display their own creations. Pillar of the shop is the “one-of-a-kind” uniqueness of the products and the handmade philosophy: from jewels to handbags, from home accessories to clothes, from small pieces of art to paintings. Behind each brand there is a real person, an emerging designer with passion & a story to tell.

Behind The New Label Project brand there are two Italians: Giulia has got a fashion background, has been working for Vanity Fair magazine in Milan and as personal assistant in the shoe studio of Guillaume Hinfray; Christian has got a business background and is now a director in a 100 company.

“We come from two different backgrounds”, says Giulia, “but what we have in common is the love for beautiful handmade things”: our store aims to promote young designers who want to show the world what they are able to create. Our aspiration is to surprise people with a special store, where they can feel home in a cosy atmosphere, where they can touch, feel & try every piece, where they can find anything from a small gift to a very exclusive one”.

They do have plans for the future: starting from Amsterdam as one of the coolest cities, they want to spread TNLP in other European capitals (Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London and Milan). But first things first: they wanna enjoy there time & there store in Amsterdam!

The New Label Project store - Rozengracht 75, Amsterdam


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