Paris Here I Come

Mon Chéri,
Tomorrow after school,Im going to Paris,
Paris is the capital of France and the fashion capital of the world.
Paris is the city of lights
and the home of croissants.
Because I'm in Paris there won't be any new posts for the coming days..
but when i come back from Paris..
I will give a trés grand report..
including photo's...
a lot of photo's haha
See you in a couple of days

Au Revoir!


  1. oh wooow! i'm so jealous! i love this city! i miss Paris!! <3

  2. well have fun roxy! paris is awesome! xx love

  3. aww, you're sooo lucky. i want to visit paris one day. :) i hope you take pics and post them on here when you come back. :)

  4. have fun beloved. can't wait to see the photos.

  5. veel plezier! ik ben er ook geweest en het is er geweldig ! xx

  6. heel veel plezier! volgende week ga ik ook jeej :D!


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