Honeys please tell me!

Honeys please tell me what you want to see on my blog...you can say anything..more fashion? more DIY? more recipes? more pictures?
tell me!
and I will work on it



  1. Well I love me some homemade beauty recipes as well as food. lol Your blog is great so far. And the looks of the day are my favorites.

  2. i absolutely love the looks of the day - such great inspiration! and of course, we want to see more of you you gorgeous gal!

  3. i love the LOTD--but when you do them can you go into more detail? describe what the person is wearing, or where to get it, or how much it? otherwise, your blog is great!

    new post:

  4. i like it the way it is :) love the LOTD. but maybe a bit about yourself as well? :)

  5. I love any and all DIY - always welcome :)

    Also, tagged you in a little post on my blog xo


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