My Paris Report

So honeys,I came back from Paris and it was so GREAT haha..
so we arrived in paris on
Friday about 8 o'clock in the evening.
so when we were at the hotel,we walked to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and looked a round for a while
After we did have dinner and some ice cream we went back to the hotel because it was late and the next day we want to get out early.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream 

Saterday that was a shopping day haha...we went to the Marc Jacobs Store  at Place du Marché Saint-Honoré on number 19
There a lot of racks of cool "special items": keychains, mirror compacts, rubber boots, wild floral tote bags, and really awesome costume jewelry. Almost all these items are in the €5-€20 range, with a good number of items well under €10. All the stuff has "Marc Jacobs" emblazoned across it (which will please your brand whore friends) and is very cute besides (which will please everyone else).
after visiting Marc Jacobs Store we went to an Italian restaurant that I remembered from the last time that I was in Paris..the italian restaurant is called Gambino and not so far from Marc Jacobs store(about 2-5 min. walk)
It isn't really expensive so its a great adress in Paris if you like good italian food
We also went to collete and thats a great shopping center !
I love it..but it isn't the cheapest haha
So after a little shopping we went to the hotel to fresh up a bit....
In the evening we also went (again)Avenue des Champs-Élysées  for some more we went to Sephora were Some one did my make-up...thats such a fun was €20 for only your eyes and €50 for whole your face and after that we had have some dinner..but the dinner wasn't a success...we where (again) at a italian but now next to the swarovski store...we had some onion soup but there was so much cheese in it that you almost needed a knife haha en the soup didn't had any we needed a lot of salt and pepper..while i was still eating my soup(my dad was already fisnisht) the already brought the maincourse...i was like..OK...if you want us to go you also can say it it wasn't that great at all the only thing that was great was the non alcoholic cocktail...after dinner we went to the arc the triomphe..and we have to walk up the stairs (it was like 250 steps ) on my sonia rykiels oeff....
but the view was very nice <3

@ Marc Jacobs

Tapas@ Gambino

The great employment @ Gambino

Really lovely pizza's @ Gambino

I know...I'm making a strange face haha but its about the make-up

@ Swarovski

The stairs @ arc the triomphe

On sunday almost everything is closed at Paris but we went to Saint-Paul..thats a old
jewish-neighbourhood so everything was open there
We also went to the Eiffel Tower..ofcourse..thats a must see when youre in Paris..even when you did see him before haha...after that we also went to the sacre coeur..and there were a lot of performance's very fun to watch...


Ive spotted some very fashionable people in Paris and I am so happy that I may have take a picture of if you are one of them..thank you so much !


Her blog

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

What I did buy in Paris and some more picture's...I will post later on ! ;)


  1. looks fabulous! echt gave outfits ook! xxxx

  2. wauw roxy, facking gave outfits, ziet er echt leuk uit! die lv-tas van jou, damn haha, waarom neem je die nooit mee naar school?
    en die tas heb ik niet zelf gemaakt haha! gewoon van een site en toen uitgeprint, uitgeknipt en opgeplakt haha!
    xx love

  3. i adore this post so much--you have no idea! you look amazing, and so do all the girls on the street. i didn't go into the marc jacobs store when i was in paris--now i regret it. what good prices!

    don't you love those breakdancers at the trocadero? i took a video of them. you look like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Oh how fun!
    =) Roxy it looks like you had a blast.
    You are a very chic fabulous chica! I am most defiantly subscribing right now!
    =)=)=) Chels

  5. Diva! You looked gorgeous and your outfits were amazing. You are so beautiful and your makeup looked divine. I truly loved the random fashion and random people. The lil old lady is my favorite.
    Great post!

  6. Super leuk verslagje!! En die foto's zijn ook erg leuk, vooral die streetstyle foto's!

    De Marc Jacobs store is daar echt geweldig(L)


  7. Hoi! Ik heb mijn bloglink veranderd, maar hierdoor kun je mijn posts niet meer ontvangen.als je mijn posts wel weer wil ontvangen moet je eerst mijn blog verwijderen en me dan weer volgen :) x x

  8. that ice cream looks so good

  9. Leuk ! De eerste streetstyle foto is een klasgenoot van me :)

  10. Leuk verslag , de foto's zijn ook heel erg leuk !


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