WAH Nails--> Raise The Flag

Side-step the beer-swilling football fans at your local pub and head over to WAH Nails for a much more fabulous way of celebrating this year's World Cup in South Africa. From now until July 11, WAH Nails are inviting those with more than a passing interest in the beautiful game to reveal their patriotic side with a set of World Cup 2010 nails: intricate designs of the flags of each of the 32 participating countries. Support England with a full set of Union Jack nails, or if you're undecided mix 'n' match with everything from the Stars and Stripes to a host nations' colourful insignias. Not native to the UK? Bring your passport along and receive 10 per cent off your home country's design. From £30/€35 & £3/€3,50 surcharge for mix 'n' match
Take a look on : http://www.wah-nails.com/


  1. Hihi super grappig. Ik vind je nieuwe header ook erg leuk!:-)


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