Why I love Tattoos

A while ago I posted some images of the photo series "Why I Love Tattoos".(Click!) The photo series is made by Ralf Mitsch and he is in my opinion a very talented and creative photographer. Now Ralf Mitsch has created a book of his photo series and its called 'Why I love tattoos'' The book shows more than  50 portraits of inspiring people  telling the stories behind their tattoos.

"Why I Love Tattoos" is about tattoos
– fashion versus a life story

"What are those people doing? What kind of life do they have?” As a teenager in the 1980s people with skulls, snakes and other skin-art always made me ask those kind of questions to myself. I thought it testified their courage that they dared to express themselves in such a permanent way...

The people in the book tell their own story...

120 pages
more than 50 portraits + interviews
This book is going on my wishlist for sure!
Because as you know I love tattoos,have tattoos of my own and I really love the style that Ralf Mitsch has! 

the book is now exclusively on presale at MENDO:

Hardcover 20 cm x 30 cm
Language: English
Interviews: Henk van Straten
Translation: Ben Blench
Design: Blacktropik
Lithography: Marc Gijzen


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