Modefabriek // Gram

Gram is all about making sophisticated sneakers. Gram creates shoes that fill the gap between sneakers and traditional shoes. Their roots lie in the Scandinavian design aesthetic; design with clean lines and attention to details. Each model being unique in its own simplicity.

The brand is centered around the concept of weight, with each shoe being named after its weight in grams.

(My personal favorite design)

Good times and bad – at gram they love shoes. in particular shoes that you can wear at the office as well as on a night out.


  1. Wauw wat een mooie items! Helaas kon ik niet meer naar de modefabriek :(

  2. Wat grappig hoe ze de naam verzinnen voor die schoenen! Leuke printjes ook! Superjammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn deze keer :(



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