Walk Walk fashion baby

Here are 3 photes made at the fashion show at my school,the pics aren't that clear because the pics are made with a mobile phone but the things I'm wearing are made by me!
 The assignment was to make a dress inspired by history.My inspiration was the 70's in a romantic way! Im on the right!

This is the back of my dress.
The assignment was to make a whole outfit. I'm on the left haha.

Its was sooo freaking scary too walk on that ''runway'',I've got respect for models because it gives me goose bumps when I'm thinking about doing it again.. Unfortunately I have to do it again upcoming year! Mmmm but I still have got a whole year soo just keep breathing ;)


  1. Wauw, geweldige ervaring. Ziet er super uit, ik wou dat dat ook op mijn school gedaan werd!


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