Yaay its my bday

Its my bday,I'm turning 17 today oh yeah..this year was going soo freaking fast that I didn't even spend allot of time on my blog,but I really love love love blogging soo that haves to change! Well I'm 17 now,starting my second year on Fashion school this year so after that only 2 more years and than FASHION WORLD HERE I COMEE,at least that what I hope,I know the fashion world is really hard but I hope is all work out because I really have a passion for it. I believe fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and it's what makes me an individual. It's a huge part of me. 
Also, it really interests me. I love putting outfits together, like art. It's just something that I really enjoy, and I hope I could make a big contribution to the fashion industry. Well I've typed enough now..I just don't no what to say anymore at this moment only that i love love love you guys/girls for reading my blog and I hope that ya'll  keep reading my blog, it would be a great bday present haha

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