Open Shop presents the launch of its online store and is celebrating with a discount!

Maybe you have read about Open shop before (click,click)
I've got some great news,they have there own webshop now! thats pretty awesome because when I see something at facebook at Open Shop and if I want to buy it than I have to go all the way to Amsterdam and school doesn't give me the time to go to Amsterdam.

Open Shop has been a household name in Amsterdam they are selling clothes in their store for 12 years! Open Shop sells dutch fashion talent and established labels such as the English Motel.
They also sell all of these unique and funny accessoiries!
The collection at Open Shop is always strinking and never boring!
If I weren't just a fashion student and had lots and lots of money I would buy freaking everything at Open Shop.

Are you getting exicted?
Wait..there's more

Because the webshop just went online Open Shop wants to celebrate that with all the customers,they offer a discount of 10% on everything,on their new collection and sale,EVERYTHING! and thats unique! If you enter the discount code:CRAZY SHOPPING than you will receive the discount when you order until 1 Juni 2012.

Are you getting more exicted?
Wait..there's even more

Sunday, June 10th between 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. a large sale in the store, everything in the shop on Damrak 291, Amsterdam is the day 20% discounted!



  1. thanks for the comment. i am now following your blog :). i hope you will return to THE PROVERBS and join. thanks for your time.


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