SNEAK PREVIEW: Collection MLY by Emily Hermans

MLY is the brand of the fashion designer Emily Hermans. She is born in Eindhoven(1978) and thats a city near my own. She is known for her proprietary knitwear, but she also designs woven and printed clothing.I'm really in love with here upcomming collection and thats why I'm giving you this sneak preview of my favorite pieces of her beautiful collection. By the way,Emily has givin some lessons on my amazing cool is that?

Emily in her own design

If you want to see more of this brand
You can go to


  1. Ziet er leuk uit (:

  2. The geometrical patterns are really interesting.

  3. Wow they're so unusual! But it looks sooo comfy though. I love the colours of the second and third pic!


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