Wow! Sweethearts, I didn't knew that a fashionschool would be this hard en difficult!
Thats why Im not blogging that much because we've allot homework and very long days oeff --'
But its worth it!
Soo here's an update!

Gemeente museum the hague Fashion <3 Art
So I went to the hague with school because we had to visted some exhibitons. the first exhibition was about how fashion and art can be related. Who does not know the colored Mondrian dresses that Yves Saint Laurent designed in 1965? Its was a very interesting and fun exhibition.

Photography museum the hague Paris 1900-1968
We also visted the photography museum on the same day.the exhibiton was about dutch photographers in Paris in the period of 1900-1968.The Dutch photographers went to Paris and laid the romantic scenery with its inhabitants down. Photos by, among others Henry Berssenbrugge, Emmy Andriesse, Ed van der Elsken and Johan van der Kitchen into Gare du Nord to the city to life, the metropolis of the lead role in the exhibition Paris, home of
modern art.

Random pics of our visted to the hague

Versace for H&M
The day that the collection came out I was waiting outside the H&M around 7 o'clock,it was cold and I spilled my coffee over my sweater but it was worth it! I've the jacket and the dress that I wanted and I'm sooo happy with those items!
Who else bought or order anything from the collection?


New buyings
Book about Kurt Cobain and Haute Couture design book

Peacock broche

Now I have to go to a party of a friend of mine so goodbye sweeties! 'onelove


  1. I'm so jealous of you :), you have something new from this collection.

  2. I think I would have loved to do your school...the YSL exhibition seems amazing! Just saw the movie about the YSL & Pierre Berge collection and I highly reccommend it. No Versace for H&M for me,I'm not really a fan of that label, but I'm glag you managed to get what you wanted! And thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  3. Woohoo awesome pics! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. You are very lovely :D


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