Power of Jeans part II

Hello honeys,
Maybe you have read about my project at school called ''power of jeans''
Well here is some more about it,We had to work in groups so we all ended up with a different idea.
We all wanted to made a dress that was for sure but we all had a diffrent view on it.
And stupid as I was I didn't brought my camera with me the first 2 days,so I've only made pictures of the final result.
That dress was a concept of another girl in the group,we made that dress because it was like the most simple dress.
Another girl in my group did made pics of all our designs so Im waiting on that pics to show you all.
Well this was the final result.

So what do you think? To be honest I did prefer my own design but we all did,so if I recive the pics of my design,you'll be the first to see them



Feel free to comment!


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