DIY: making cool shorts out of old black jeans

What you'll need:
- Black old jeans
- Fabric scissors
- Tailor's chalk (or a pencil)
- A garbage bag
- Bleach

Step 1.

put your jeans on,take the tailor's chalk and put down a line on the lenght that you want.

Step 2.
Cut off the pipes.

Step 3.
Take the garbage bag and put it underneat the jeans because you are going to use bleach and that can be harmful for your floor.

Step 4.
Pour the bleach over the jeans in any patron you want to.

Step 5.
If you are done with your patron and the colour of the bleach is light enough for you go wash it out! You must wash it out till there is no colour coming out of the jeans any more.

Step 6.
Your done. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind short!


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