Next week i've got my final examens so Im like really busy now
Thats why Im not blogging so much
But here is a big post about some things that happend lately

My Finalexam Prank and party
So yesterday we had our final exam prank,thats a tradition at our school
The staff and pupils of our school,did not just get inside as normal. There was one kilometer long barrier tape stretched across the entire building. It seemed that you had to open every room individually with the cutting of the ribbons

After the long break, the school was transformed into a tropical paradise. The sun and the good humor of everyone have helped them, but also the good music, barbecue. all the exam candidates interacted,ate, enjoyed a soft drink, a tasty hamburger or sit in the icy water of the pool itself rigged so thats was pretty cozy.

Teachers had submitted a photograph of a long time ago and students recognize it is not always the teacher all those years she had been taught by. Janitors received medals because they have meant a lot for the students and some teachers were given a cup. They were issued with a personal message for both teachers and pupils was very nice.

At one point everyone wanted to go home for some preparing for the finalexam party, that party was organized by teachers.

The graduation party began with a cycle of 2 hours that was fun but quite tiring, then we ended up at a bar where everyone enjoyed a glass of wine, beer or soft drink

My New Vans
Finally i've got new vans and I really like them
So here the are

My Ydeltuyt Order
Maybe you did saw the post about the ydeltuyt super sale,So I did orderd some stuff

Turqouise and black ring with little rhinestones 
that I totally adore

                 Fake leather bracelet with studs

Stretch diamond ring with little rhinestones

The bracelet is so tangeld that I cant wear him.
Thats pretty sad because I really liked that bracelet
Ive got my tongue pierced
Ive got my tongue pierced

Ive got my tongue pierced

Ive got my tongue pierced

Im so happy with it,getting it pierced doesn't really hurt but the days after my god,I couldn't eat very well and my speech sounded like I had this big potato in my mond but now the pain is gone :)

And now I'm gonna study very hard to graduate
Wish me luck!


  1. Mooie vans! En heel veel succes met je examens!

  2. Veel succes met je examens!
    En die vans <'33
    Waar heb je ze gekocht?

  3. Oeps, anoniem aangevinkt :S

  4. oh my god! i have been wanting to get myself a pair of those vans for months now! really gorgeous! love the studded bracelets and the diamond ring with rhinestones too!

  5. OMG i love the shoes!! where did you get them?

  6. Ahhh wil die vans zo graag! Zijn alleen zowat nergens te krijgen! ;(


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