There's a new concept in town:SHUFU shoes

Did you ever heard about the concept of shoes were you can change the velcro tapes.
The Idea is not from a shoe designer but from an economiat.
He always saw kids with shoelaces of several colors at the same time in the same sneaker
So he thought maybe  he could change the shoelaces into the velcro straps could that was the begining of the process, He went on internet and learnt how to draw the first sketch et voilá. after that he went to a shoedesigner and he made the tecnical design of his idea.

How amazing is that if you aren't a shoe designer to make this concept!
Could you even imagine high heels with change-able velcro tapes
with all kind of prints( lalaleopard) ?

In my opinion is this a great concept en ideal for little kids if they cant tie there shoelaces,whats your opinion about this concept?


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