My B-day Presents

a book about a fashion blogger from Holland that goes to New York

Almost all the other people did gave me money..haha-----> SHOPPING SPREE !!
By the way..Sorry that i didn't post it earlier but I was waiting on my presents from my parents..because the did order for me at Sustilo
but they did order the stuff on the 30 of june...but it still isn't arrived !!
thats so not cool...
So please..think about it twice if you want to order at are warned...
But I will post the stuff if they do arrive..


  1. Love the flower prints and the sandal are cute. Money always helps!

  2. Belated happy bday =) love the shoes!

  3. Love the shoes! and the book look so nice!

    LV xoxo♥

  4. Thanks dat je me getagged hebt. Ik zal het morgen op mijn blog zetten:-)
    En dat boek lijkt me erg leuk om te lezen!


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