Elbaz For Chanel?

It seems that every few months the fashion rumour mongers moot Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz as the replacement for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and - despite Lagerfeld having stated on numerous occasions that he has no intention of ever retiring - the whispers seem difficult to quash. But this morning Chanel has attempted to put a stop to them once and for all.

"Karl Lagerfeld is the creative designer of Chanel and has a long-term contract with the company," a Chanel spokesperson told VOGUE.COM today from Paris. "Replacing him is not an issue."
Lagerfeld has insisted in the past that he will "die with his boots on" - and, whilst not confirming claims that Chanel owner Alain Wertheimer has vowed to sell the label upon his departure, he asserted it is a "nice thing to be told".


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