B-DAY Of Lancome's Juicy Tubes

Can you believe that Lancôme's iconic Juicy Tube is celebrating its tenth anniversary?

It seems like just yesterday when we were scooping up the cheerful tube glosses for the first time, with their addictive shine and delicious moisture-drenched flavors.
And those Juicies have sure been keeping busy this past decade.
Since their launch in 2000, Juicy Tubes have been in the top ten of lipglosses on the market every year, with a whopping 8.3 million tubes sold. While imposters have flooded the beauty aisle since, Juicy Tubes were the first gloss to come packaged in squeeze tubes, which makes picking colors extra fun and application a breeze. (Plus, we love that we can get that last smidge out of the tube so that it glosses our lips instead of the trash!)
A long line of celebs have flocked to the gloss for red carpet events. Recent fans include Angelina Jolie, who loves the sheer peachy-pink Spring Fling, and Julia Roberts, who prefers the shimmery nude Hallucination. Both stars applied the lipgloss over their lipcolor, for a topcoat of shine and hydration that lasts through an endless stream of papparazi camera clicks.
To celebrate the special double-digit birthday, we hear that Lancôme will launch a limited edition all-natural and preservative-free version in April, called Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin. Honey, royal jelly extract, beeswax and shea butter comprise the moisturizing base, while annatto and carmine pigments add color. And expect a sweet-tasting treat too - vanilla, apricot and raspberry were all used to flavor the glosses.


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