Breaking Rocks

Sweaters with space, palm tree, cat, pineapple and other crazy prints. We need your support to bring them to everyone who shares our love for craziness!

A little over a year ago we started Breaking Rocks. We were fed up with boring and basic sweaters you see today. So we decided to make something better, something more fun and crazy. 

Breaking with mainstream and basic prints, we focus on sweaters with crazy striking custom prints. Providing ourselves and sweater addicts with a high quality piece that is comfortable to wear and at the same time expressing something we love.
Our dream is to bring our sweaters to everyone who shares our love for craziness. At the moment we are only available in Holland and bordering countries. That is why we need your support. Your pledge will enable us to produce stock with six original designs and open a warehouse in the United States. This will give us the chance to ship internationally and bring our sweaters to everyone around the world!
We have produced several generations of sweaters and have been working really hard on our latest sweater designs. With our newest and 4th generation sweaters we finally feel ready for them to meet the world!

Our deals 

We've got great offers for you. For Indiegogo only we have decided to offer our sweaters for insane discount prices. At the moment our sweaters cost $109,- ( €79,- ) but for this period only we offer them with huge discounts which go up depending on the pledge package. 
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